Simone, from the duo with Simaria, calls the romance of Dynho and Sthe Matos ‘Colorful Friendship’

Mirella, it’s worth remembering, was married to singer Dynho Alves, so the two got to participate in “Power Couple”, another reality show on Record. But, given what she has seen on the show, the funkeira has already warned that she has already filed for divorce. In a long outburst on Twitter, she wrote that the situation was “reprehensible”.

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“After carefully analyzing the repeated disrespectful behavior, through a totally reprehensible attitude, I reach the conclusion that the divorce decision, already in progress, is the right one at the moment and irreversible”.

Dynho and Shte Matos suggest a relationship with four people: ‘Let’s do it’

This Saturday night (20), during a party on the reality show, a video involving Dynho Alves and Sthe Matos went viral. In the images, you can see and hear the two talking about the possibility of calling Mirella and Victor Igoh, then Sthefane’s fiance, for a night of group sex.

Apparently, the influencer hints that she and her boyfriend often ask a third person to join the relationship, even if only occasionally. It is worth remembering that Dynho has already made it clear, in a conversation with the person, that he is afraid of how he has been seen by the public. He had sparked controversy before being accused of assault in a fight with Rico.

Mirella comments on a video by Dynho and Sthe Matos suggesting a relationship between three

Shortly after the images hit the networks, Mirella returned to the subject on Twitter and said that she was “in tears”. “I swear, my eye is full of tears, but I want to laugh at the situation. It only gets worse”, wrote the funkeira. “I’m going to start having fun”, he warned in the sequence.

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