Simone deletes photos with Simaria from social networks and increases speculation about a solo career

Speculation about Simone’s solo career only increases. The singer deleted the most recent photos from social networks in which she was accompanied by Simaria, who was absent from the stage to take care of her mental health. The artist left only a few photos with her sister, including a tribute to Marília Mendonça, who died in November 2021, and advertisements they made together.

Simone changes her Instagram username

In addition, Simone changed her Instagram username from “simoneses”, the acronym SES being an abbreviation of the duo’s name, to the full name: Simone Mendes.

“I’ll tell you why I’m happy. […] He [o marido, Kaká Diniz] and the entire Non Stop Produções team did it for me and my name is now Simone Mendes on Instagram. Thank you so much, I’m very happy! Simone Mendes now on Instagram, how cool! Before it was ‘simoneses’, now it’s just ‘simonemendes’. Cool huh? It makes it easier for you,” the singer explained to her followers.

According to Fabíola Reipert, from the painting A Hora da Venenosa, in “Balanço Geral SP”, the change in Simone’s name and in the organization of her publications is an incentive from her husband for the artist to start a solo career while Simaria is away. The businessman would have given a few hints to help the woman improve her image on the internet.

Simaria unfollows Simone on social media

Recently, Simaria unfollowed her sister on Instagram. Fans noticed that the singer also unfollowed the duo’s official profile. The break in the singer’s career happened after some interviews in which she seemed not to be satisfied with the conditions of the partnership with de Simone. The two showed a public disagreement before that at a show at São João de Caruaru.

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