Simone and Simaria comment on relationship after fight and admit conversation about the end of the duo

Simone and Simaria gathered fans and press this Tuesday (10) to launch the project “Bar das Coleguinhas 2”, continuity of the album that consecrated them nationally. The sisters did not shy away from the controversies: recently, they argued during a recording of the “Programa do Ratinho” and were accused of estrangement..

A few days after commenting on the matter, Simone did not refuse to respond to the journalist who brought the controversy to the fore again, but stressed that she would not touch the subject again.. “I’m going to answer this question right away because the focus here today is ‘Bar das Coleguinhas 2’. And if another question comes up about this again, Ana [Hickmann, mediadora da coletiva] speak,” he began.

“We are two sisters who love each other more than anything. You already know our life story, everything we went through to get here. But at that moment, there was something that needed to be resolved. And then it was resolved on the microphone, which is something we don’t do. We always solve our things in the dressing room, at home“, said Simone.


Simaria attributed the disagreement with Simone in the “Programa do Ratinho” to the excessive care between the sisters. “Excessive care, sometimes, makes you hesitate. We came very tired, doing shows, launching, children. It’s normal life, life as it is. But the biggest thing is the love we feel for each other“, he said.

For Simaria, there is a purpose in life alongside her sister, which will not be destroyed by the raids.

God did not bring us together for nothing. God is not holding our hand tightly so far to gossip, silly thing, to destroy something so beautiful that we started to build.

Simone and Simaria expressed a desire to sing together until old age, but admitted that they have already discussed what the end of the duo would be like. “I talk to her every day, we talk a lot and we say that if one day we are going to finish this story, it will be with elegance, with class, with love, with a legacy, so that everyone who sees us will be inspired by the love of two sisters“, said the older sister, who stressed that they will still be active together for a long time.

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