Simaria values ​​​​full breasts in a green bikini and earns bold advances: ‘Come mature at my house’

Simaria seems not to have been shaken by the criticism she received for exposing her body and follows the philosophy of “what is beautiful is to be shown”. This Thursday (17), the singer, who experienced a recent controversy with Gusttavo Lima and was denied by the sertanejo, published a video showing the shape in a green bikini.

In the images, Simaria appears without makeup, enhances her bust and shows off her body from various angles. The singer even made fun of the color of the bikini. 🇧🇷If green is like this… Imagine mature“, joked the sertaneja, who always boasts daring beachwear models.

With her body in evidence, Simaria received a series of daring compliments from the big guys on duty. “In all sincerity… I don’t expect to mature, no… It’s really green!”, Wrote an internet user. “Come mature at my house”, asked another user. “How can you be so hot like that?”, asked a woman. “Hot and crazy the way Kanye West loves”, joked a ‘twitterer’, in references to comparisons with Kim Kardashian. Access the photo gallery above to check out the records!



Simaria has been giving sharp responses, but with the usual good humor, to defend herself against criticism for posting too many sensual images. 🇧🇷Who says I only post body videos, take your ‘tobacco’! What’s beautiful is for show and I’ll keep posting“, shot.

This Thursday (17), before the video with the green bikini, Simaria posted a series of photos with looks and returned to stir up the haters. 🇧🇷One more photo of clothes for those who think it’s bad, see? Don’t get too excited because she already comes in a bikini“, joked. And it came!

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