Simaria opens her heart about missing her and possibly coming back with her ex

Simaria opens the game about sex after separation

Always honest with his followers, Simaria has also talked about his sex life after divorce. In conversation with fans, the singer also advised on the right time to ask for divorce.

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“You have to ask God for a lot of discernment. You have to put the pros and cons in the balance, see if there are more negative things in this relationship or if there are more positive things. Apart from all that, it’s important to know if you don’t love the person you love anymore. is with you. When we lose admiration for the other, we lose everything. This is very true. This phrase is old, but it is very true,” he said.

Simaria was also asked if she would be open to having a relationship with another woman. “I think it’s valid, I think every kind of love is beautiful. But old Simaria here, my love, likes a wand. A magic wand, love!”, he stressed before letting out another laugh.

Simaria talks about plans to marry again

In another chat with the followers, Simaria revealed if he has plans for a new wedding. “What I want is distance from marriage… far away. God forbid! Whoever wants to get married, but I’m closed, Brazil,” he said.

Simaria was also asked if she would be able to get a new crush for now. Without future. I am doing nothing. Nothing is done in the pandemic. And it’s recent, we have to get to know the person first and be very careful,” he replied.

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