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Simaria accuses Gusttavo Lima of copying and singer speaks out

This week, the singer participated in “PodCats”, with Camilla Loures and Lucas Guimarães, and caused controversy in several moments of the conversation. Among them, when she stated that Gusttavo Lima was inspired by “Bar das Coleguinhas” to make “Buteco”.

“When he saw us for the first time, he wasn’t blown away like he is, so when he saw me and Simone, he said: ‘You created the most f*cking project in the world, which is Bar das Coleguinhas’ So much so that he went there and made ‘Buteco’, inspired by what? At ‘Bar das Coleguinhas’. I don’t mince my tongue, I speak the truth”, fired Simaria.

After the program, Gusttavo Lima spoke to columnist Leo Dias about the accusation of Simone’s sister. He pointed out an incongruity in the dates, which proves that what was said by Simaria is not true.

🇧🇷‘Buteco’ was recorded in April 2014 and ‘Bar das Coleguinhas’ in November“, fired the singer. In fact, the DVD “Buteco” was recorded on July 2, 2014, but still, four months before Simone and Simaria’s project.

At another time, she declared that she did not know why Gusttavo had stopped following her on social networks. She stated that she believed it was because she gave advice to Andressa Suita about their separation. However, after the program, the influencer denied and even laughed about the sertaneja’s statement.

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