Silvio Santos makes a didactic speech about transsexuality, emphasizes science and surprises the public. Video!

Silvio Santos was acclaimed for an attitude during the program he presented on SBT last Sunday (12). The presenter, who, in the past, collected controversies due to comments aimed at social minorities, proved understandable to the transsexuality agenda.

The situation occurred during the painting “Não Erra a Letra”, which received several LGBTQIA+ personalities. Between them, was Ava Simões, trans woman, dental surgeon, speaker, champion of national and international beauty contests, among them, Miss Trans Star International 2019. During the interview, Silvio decided to check with her if her understanding of transsexuality was correct.

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“When you say transsexual, for example, you were born a boy. When your father and mother welcomed you, you were a boy. For whatever reason I don’t know, you behaved in a way that you convinced yourself you weren’t.” a boy. ‘No, I was born a boy, but I’m not a boy, I want to be a girl’. Then you went to the doctor, turned to science, which made you stop being a boy and become a girl. And the people who did it today are called transsexuals“, asked Silvio.

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Ava made positive signs throughout Silvio’s speech and added: “I can say that I have become happier,” he said, drawing applause from the audience. “Okay, that’s right! If you’re born a boy, but you’re verifying that the years are passing and you’re feeling like a girl, you’re suffering. If you want to get rid of this suffering and if science allows it, you make the transformation and you are happy.“, stressed the communicator.

Ava was all praise for the veteran’s stance. “Silvio, you are being a great service to Brazil”, he praised. The presenter reacted with his usual good humor. “If I have hair on my forehead and the hair is bothering me, I’ll go to Jassa and have him cut my hair. Why do you go on suffering from being able to live happily?”, he asked.

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Ava gave an interview to the Metrópoles portal and, once again, praised Silvio’s attitude. she defends the thesis that the presenter decided to study the topic after the controversies between Patrícia and Tiago Abravanel. The artist went public with his condemnation of his aunt’s statements after a series of homophobic speeches delivered live.

It went down in history. We know that Brazil and the world are divided. There will be those who say he is wrong, from the straight to the trans world, they will find some error in speech and then the division will emerge. But now, this time, it doesn’t have to be canceled. He has to be exalted once more. Really, Silvio Santos is the man. For our community, it was amazing. He had a thousand things to play with me, but he decided to talk and it came out very natural. It was nothing engineered, it came from him. Surely, he must have studied after everything that happened with his daughter, with his grandson,” Ana told Metrópoles.


On social media, the lightness with which Silvio dealt with the topic was applauded, not only for the history of problematic comments, but also for for approaching the subject in a natural way in a program that has great acceptance among the most varied layers of society.

This moment on open TV was very important. Clear and cohesive conversation with an audience that thinks like Silvio!“, highlighted content creator Luiz Gustavo Queiroga. “Silvio Santos, at the height of his 91 years, teaching a lot of homophobic young people out there how to do it!”, highlighted an internet user. we also have to show when the owner of SBT gets it right, right?”, stated the profile of Hugo Gloss. “He has the gift of approaching a topic that is far from people’s understanding and simplifying so that his audience understands”, exemplified one fan. Watch the moment!

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