Silvio Berlusconi’s life in a London musical: ‘He will explore how he held power with a smile and a wink’

Silvio Berlusconi’s life becomes a stage musical. It will be called Fierce, feminist and will be produced by a British feminist fair such as Frances Moody. Yet another example of fiction on the “deeds” of the very Italian Knight, as reported by Guardian, it seems it will be a sort of satirical “Avoid while on acid”. According to Moody’s statement the show will recount the rise and fall (free?) of the three-time premier of the Italian Republictoday head of one of the three parties that form the current government majority.

And it will be a Berlusconi, it seems, intent on writing his own autobiography. “Much of the way he has behaved is baffling and ridiculous: it’s easy to satirize him,” explained the producer of the British cult series Fleabag. Moody’s also mentions that Fierce, feminist “it will make you laugh, but also make you think”. While the conception of the musical, the lyrics and dialogues are by Ricky Simmonds and Simon Vaughanwill be the “trash” soundtrack (with a Thanks Goodness for Silvio probably an English translation of the note “Thank goodness Silvio is there” and a passage such as “Bunga Bunga” – also translated from Belluscone di Maresco?) to make the Cav’s hair stand on end, which would essentially lack it.

Several attempts to make Berlusconi’s already rather sui generis life into fiction – among these Moretti’s Caiman And They of Sorrentino -, but Moody assures that the point of view on Cav will be divided between that of three famous women: Ilda Boccassinithe magistrate who investigated him; Verónica Lario, Berlusconi’s second wife for twenty years; in the end, the figure of a journalist interested in following Berlusconi’s scandals “inspired by a real-life character”. The show “will explore Berlusconi’s charisma, how he held power with a smile and a wink” and how this public attitude “set the rules for a certain style of populist leadership” which has since been revived, he said moody, none other than Boris Johnson and Donald Trumpp. The show will be staged at Southwark Playhouse from London probably between 2023 and 2024. The name of the interpreter of the protagonist is also expected. A Berlusconi with a British accent will truly be a bank-breaking delight.

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