Silvio Berlusconi: the feminist musical about Francesca Moody’s Cavaliere arrives in London

Francesca Moody, best known for producing the TV series ‘Fleabag’, brings a satirical musical about Silvio Berlusconi to the London theater.

From 25 March to 29 April Francesca Moody, known for having produced the black humor TV series called Fleabag, will present the world premiere of the feminist musicalBerlusconi” centered on the life of Silvio Berlusconihis ex-wife Veronica Lario and a journalist, whose character is inspired by a real person.

Written by Ricky Simmonds and Simon Vaughan and directed by James Grieve, the musical is based on an idea by Alan Hayling, and is told from the perspectives of three women determined to tell their side of the story of the “original tanned media mogul turned populist politician“.

A fierce feminist lens focused on her world. These women will tell her story, their storyMoody explained during a recent interview published by the British newspaper The Guardian.In September, a coalition that included Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia won the general election.”

The musical, which will be staged as Italy adjusts to its more right-wing government since the Second World War, will also have a serious and incisive approachFrancesca Moody continued, before adding: “Much of his attitude is confused and ridiculous, it will be easy to satirize“. Among the songs that are part of the soundtrack are hilarious titles such as “Bunga Bunga”, “Thank God Silvio is here” and “My weekend with Vladimir“.

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