Silvia Roggiani, insults and “invitations to rape” against the Pd secretary of Milan under the post of the deputy minister of the Morelli League

Insults, threats and “invitations to rape” against the Pd secretary of Milan Silvia Roggiani. These are some of the messages that appeared under a Facebook post by the deputy minister of the League Alessandro Morelli, in which some phrases of dem politics were extrapolated on the case of violence in Piazza Duomo suffered by some girls on New Year’s Eve. “Every day it happens to hundreds of women, yesterday it happened to me”, wrote Roggiani denouncing that she was “overwhelmed by the offenses” for having said that “violence is often the offspring of a patriarchal society and that, for this, a intervention starting from the school “. After the protest and after Roggiani accused him of “remaining silent” in the face of threats to a female colleague, Morelli intervened (more than 24 hours have passed) saying that “he promptly removed the insults”, but he also reiterated his position by saying that he would never define those phrases as “daughters of a patriarchal culture” “in order not to diminish their gravity”. Roggiani has received messages of solidarity in these hours from numerous exponents of the Democratic party.

Morelli’s post against Roggiani and immigrants – It all started with the post of the Deputy Minister of the Carroccio alle Infrastructure who, in the past few hours, published a photo-card of Roggiani on Facebook highlighting his words on the violence that took place in Milan. Under accusation, according to the Northern League, the fact that the Pd secretary did not speak of the origin of the suspects for group sexual violence: “They bring tens of thousands of people here with no scrutiny or worry about how they can integrate, but then if something happens it is the fault of “our society” (?) and of the “patriarchy” “, we read in the Facebook post. That was enough for a long series of insults against the Pd exponent by commentators and supporters of Moretti’s page to start.

Roggiani rejoins denouncing “the pillory” – Roggiani during the day decided to make another post on Facebook to tell the “avalanche” of insults received in the last hours, exactly after the deputy minister had relaunched his photo. “My alleged fault”? Having expressed an opinion. Having condemned the terrible violence of New Year’s Eve by claiming that these violence are often the offspring of a patriarchal society, ”he wrote. And he then denounced “what is called the pillory”, to which Morelli subjected it. “Evidently he has learned well from the” Beast “”, he continued, evoking the name with which the social propaganda machine of Matteo Salvini. “Under his post I collected rape calls, threats and insults from his activists. Perhaps the Deputy Minister has forgotten that choosing not to intervene is always a choice. Silence is always an accomplice. And the comments were left there in all their violence. Morelli is certainly interested in getting likes rightly denounced the New Year’s violence, but then what does he do when rape is praised on his profiles? Silence. Deputy Minister Morelli, you represent the government of this country. I don’t know if he will decide to be ashamed of this. But remember that in a democracy you have to say what you think and be free to do it. Which side are you on? “.

After the complaint Morelli intervenes. But in the League they defend him – After Roggiani’s denunciation, Morelli intervened, but reiterated his criticism of the words of his colleague dem. “Absurd and to be condemned the insults via social media at the address of the secretary of the Milanese Democratic Party, which appeared under my Facebook post and promptly removed”, it reads. “Cowardly and deplorable words, which I would never define as ‘daughters of a patriarchal culture’ in order not to diminish their gravity. This is why I will work with my colleagues, including the Democratic Party, so that similar conduct is pursued as it deserves in all areas “. But, he continued, “I would have liked to see the same indignation also towards the violence of which many girls have been physically victims. in a city now out of control. I am sure that, after the initial ‘disorientation’, the Milanese Democratic Party will also be ready to do its part, without attempting media operations that divert public attention from the very serious New Year’s events ”.

And the vice president of the House of Carroccio also arrived in defense of Morelli Fabrizio Cecchetti: “Each of us responds for what he writes, not for what people who often don’t even know comment”. And he added that “any attack or criticism of the Milanese, Lombard or national Democratic Party is pretext and instrumental. Should we remind the friends of the Democratic Party that every day on Facebook many ‘comrades’ invite us to kill our secretary Matteo Salvini? “.

Solidarity Pd – Full solidarity with Silvia Roggiani, “yet another victim of one of the shameful public pillories that many, too many members of the League do with such ease” was expressed, in a note, by Valentina Cuppi, president of the National Assembly of the Democratic Party. And he concluded: “Enough! This modus operandi, which pillory women in particular is intolerable “. Solidarity with the secretary of the federation of the Pd Milano Metropolitana also by the president of the senators of the Pd, Simona Malpezzi: “It seems impossible to me that those who have rightly condemned the violence in Piazza Duomo do not intervene to moderate a debate on their social networks in which rape is praised. It would be important for him to do so also because he is a representative of the government of this country ”. For the deputy from Lia Quartapelle, “with his post against Silvia Roggiani, Deputy Minister Morelli he put himself on the same level as the molesters of Piazza Duomo. This confirms what many Milanese have known for some time, namely that he is not worthy of the position he occupies pro tempore ”.

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