Silvia Abravanel says that her sister, Patrícia, is the "villain" of the family: "She’s brave, she has a strong temper!"

In participation in the program “Panic“, from Jovem Pan, the presenter Silvia Abravanel talked about creating a reality show about his family and revealed curiosity about his sister, Patricia Abravanelwhom he referred to as a “villain”.

Abravanel reported that Patrícia is seen as a villain by the public: “It’s because Patrícia is hotheaded. Patrícia is brave, she has a strong temper! Patrícia is incisive, her temper has always been much stronger. All the Abravaneis have a very strong temper, but Patrícia makes a point of being there, with her short leash. So, I think she would not be villainous in the Cinderella stepmother way, but in the way of taking everyone out and she wins”said. Silvio Santos’ daughter added, saying that “Patricia is not one hundred percent her”.

“Everyone who has a camera in front of them is not one hundred percent them! So, I think we would have to be something like this: there would be thousands of cameras, we wouldn’t know where these cameras were in each one’s house. us every day. Because we are not this family that is always together, we would have to act together and I don’t think it’s fair to the viewer”, said Silvia about her sister.

Silvia Abravanel comments on her relationship with Silvio Santos at work

Silvio Santos’ heiress, Silvia commented on her relationship with her father in the workplace, and recalled the time when she started working at the station. Participating in the podcast PodCARAS, Silvia told how the dynamics of working with him work.

“I created something with him many years ago, because when I joined SBT he was my father. I started when I was 16”, began the artist, who was uncomfortable with the different treatment. Abranavel reported that she confronted the presenter. “And this over the years has been bothering us a lot, disturbing our interpersonal relationship a lot. […]🇧🇷

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