Silvero Pereira receives a message from Jesuíta Barbosa and gets emotional: "We went through a lot of trouble"

During the program “Date“, displayed on TV Globo in the morning of this Wednesday (27/07), the actor Jesuit Barbosa left his friend, the also actor Silvero Pereira, thrilled to send a message to him through a video. In the video, Jesuit comments on the long friendship that the two have built.

“My brother that life gave me. I love you, I praise you, you are a spirit of light, an erê who embraces people, who provokes. A person who manages to create a voice and speak about all instances, political, social, a very important person in my life and I want to always be together, loving you. Glad we are together in wetland“, said Jesuit.

After seeing the message, Silvero needed to be supported by the presenters of the program, because he couldn’t hold back the tears. He even extolled the relationship he built with his friend.

“I’ve known him for 17 years, he is perhaps one of the most enlightened beings I’ve ever met. We’ve been through so much together, in theaters, buses, places to stay. Jesu, thank you, brother. I really love you, heart”, said Silveiro. The two friends are in the soap opera”wetland“.

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