Silvero Pereira comments on the character’s success: "Pantanal is popular among all ages"

Silvero Pereira40, spoke about the success that his character, Zaquieu, has had in the remake of wetlandand made an analysis on how the novel helps with reflections.

THE Whothe actor reported how he usually looks for the repercussion of the plot: “I always run to social networks to understand how the repercussion is being there and it’s a lot of fun.”

“A lighter perspective, it seems something more intimate, with freedom to play, make memes… I have fun too. These days they sent me a very funny photo, a booklet that had a deer and a jaguar, Zaquieu and Juma talking. What catches my attention the most is how people have become affectionate with Zaquieu. There are a lot of comments like: he is always so kind, close, wanting to understand that family.”

Pereira continued: “The young audience is what has most attracted my attention. I perceive a much greater harassment. Many approaching me, wanting to take a picture, coming to talk, it’s something that didn’t happen with younger people. Even in the previous work, more recent , I just had the approach of more mature people. I would say ‘Pantanal’ is pop. Among all ages.”

He also reports the way in which the character’s sexuality is approached: “If the pedestrians were frightened by the behavior of Jove [Jesuita Barbosa], imagine when they come across Zaquieu? We recorded some scenes in which he arrives in the middle of the pedestrians to talk and suffers some bad jokes from them. There’s a very interesting thing that is this sense of humor, but we manage to do it in a reflective tone.”

What I hope is that this reflective tone overrides what appears to be funny. So that people start to think about what happens not only there in the Pantanal. But in everyday life outside the soap opera. I want people to start talking about it.

“For me, as an artist, it is important to entertain and bring information to the public. We have a work that has become a phenomenon and is dialoguing a lot with audiences of all ages. I think it is very opportune to be able to bring information within this context”, he concluded.

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