Silooy sees missing automatisms at Ajax: ‘What we used to have with Ten Hag’

Sonny Silooy sees that things are not going well at Ajax at the moment. The former Ajax player talks in the podcast of Ajax Life that he also experienced moments like that in his time at the Amsterdam club.

‘It’s not going well, they all know that. The coach knows that, the players know that. Everyone in the club knows that things are not going well’, says Silooy, who draws the comparison with his own situation at Ajax in the 1991/1992 season. ‘The transition from Leo Beenhakker to Louis van Gaal did not go well at all.’ However, Silooy saw that this was straightened out again. “Suddenly it was up again.”

According to Silooy, there is therefore also a gap year at Ajax. “Of course a lot happened last summer,” the former Ajax player continues. “Lots of players who have come and gone. The trainer is also different, of course.’ Silooy believes that this takes time. ‘It all has to be fitted in properly.’

Current selection needs time

‘The players need time to settle down,’ says Silooy, who also understands that Alfred Schreuder needs time. Still, Silooy indicates that things used to be a bit easier in the past. ‘We had a Dutch trainer with a lot of Dutch players. Now you have to deal with many different cultures, and that takes time.’

Silooy sees missing automatisms in the current Ajax. ‘The automatisms are not there yet, which we used to have with Erik ten Hag.’ Still, Silooy has hope for a good outcome. ‘These automatisms will certainly come, but they will have to be trained for.

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