Sidney Poitier, the first African-American to win an Oscar, has died

Hollywood It was once again part of a sad news on Friday. The British medium The Mirror confirmed that the actor Sidney Poitier lost his life. He was 94 years old and the causes that led to his death have not yet been revealed. The news was revealed by the Bahamian Foreign Minister, Fred Mitchell to the aforementioned middle of the European country. He was an artist well known for The academy.

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Sidney Poitier He is one of the most important figures of the golden age of Hollywood, thanks to the more than 50 feature films of which he was part. In addition, he made Academy history by becoming the first Afro-American to receive an award. Oscar. It was thanks to the work he did in Lillies of the Field, a 1963 film he directed Ralph Nelson.

In addition to this recognition, Poitier had previously been nominated for an award. Oscar thanks to The Defiant Ones, when he became the first person of color to be nominated. In that opportunity, he lost with David Niven for Separate Tables. In 2002, The academy was in charge of rewarding him with a Oscar honorary. Among the nominations he received, he also had two a the emmy awards in the 90s and 7 nominations for los Golden Globes, of which he won one, also for Lillies of the Field.

His influence was so important in the industry of Hollywood and acting in general that his life was going to be transferred to a play by Broadway. The news had been announced a month ago and had the approval of the family of Sidney Poitier. The play will be written by Charles Randolph-Wright and directed by the winner of the Tony, Ruben Santiago-Hudson. It will be called, simply, Sidney.

2022 began with another loss, that of Peter Bogdanovich

The death of Sidney Poitier It is the second that affects the industry, after this Wednesday the death of Peter Bogdanovich. The critic-turned-screenwriter and director was an eminence of the New hollywood, responsible for movies like The Last Picture Show Y Paper Moon. He was 82 years old and the news was confirmed by his daughter, although the causes of his death have not yet been released.

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