siddhanth kapoor and shraddha kapoor bonding: Siddhanth Kapoor Film Chehre: In Amitabh Bachchan starrer ‘Chehre’, Siddhanth Kapoor played the role of a dumb convicted criminal.

Actor Siddhant Kapoor, who recently received praise for his role of a dumb convicted criminal in Amitabh Bachchan starrer ‘Chehre’, is in the news these days with his new web series ‘Bhaukaal Part 2’. In this meeting, he talks openly about his role, career, his attachment with Big B, sister Shraddha Kapoor, father Shakti Kapoor and the Mangeshkar family.

Heard you fell ill while shooting? what happened to you
Actually I had flu. Recently, I was constantly busy shooting for ‘Bhaukaal’ and the schedule was quite hectic, so my health got worse. In fact, I also had corona last year and after that my immune system became weak. It is such a virus that its effect lasts for many months during its grip and post corona also. This is the reason that these days I am also paying special attention to my immunity, but in the past, my health deteriorated due to work pressure. We shot a lot of non stop action.

What are you doing special in ‘Bhaukaal Part 2’?
I shot continuously in Lucknow for the last 25 days for Part Two of the ‘Bhaukaal’ series. Part One was well-liked on OTT. In Part One, I worked in only three-four episodes, but that character of my Chintu Dedha became an important character in Part Two. As you know it is inspired from the true incident of Muzaffarnagar. This encounter is based on the real story of specialist IPS Navneet Sekera. I worked hard on my language for my role. Pradeep Nagar, who is playing my elder brother in ‘Bhaukaal 2’, is from North India. He has a good knowledge of the lingo and body language of that region, so he helped me a lot.

Siddhant Kapoor’s statement, father Shakti Kapoor is the biggest critic in the house

You recently worked with megastar Amitabh Bachchan in ‘Chehre’, but as Shakti Kapoor’s son do you have any childhood memories associated with him?

-Absolutely. Dad has worked with him in countless films including ‘Satte Pe Satta’, ‘Mahan’, ‘Naseeb’, ‘Lal Badshah’, so since childhood he has been visiting Bachchan sahib. In the nineties, Holi parties used to be held in his house and we used to visit his house often. It was a lot of fun playing Holi. I still remember the food there. Abhishek (Bachchan) was also younger then. But he was very mischievous. In one such Holi party, he threw me in the mud while having fun. Even then Bachchan sahib used to treat us with a lot of love and affection.

Were you nervous working with him in ‘Chehre’?
When I reached the set, I was so nervous that I could not understand whether it was real or a dream? I never thought that I would get a chance to work with him. On the sets, I felt like a kid from an acting school. Every moment with him was like learning something. They work on a fixed schedule, so the timings on the sets were amazing. They used to rehearse before doing their scenes, they were worth watching. The kind of respect he gives to his fellow actors was also worth learning. There was also a challenge for me that I was playing a dumb role in the film and I had to give my expressions from my face. Bachchan sahib’s presence shaped me as an actor and I was able to do justice to my role. I can boldly say that I used to be very impatient before working with Bachchan sahib, but I learned patience from him.

Recently, on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, got to see cute pictures of you and your sister Shraddha Kapoor on Instagram? How is the bonding of you two?
Our relationship has been very loving since childhood. I consider him my best friend. As brothers and sisters, our bond is unbreakable. We went to dinner on Rakhi. We have always been very protective of each other. Yes, I was naughty, so in childhood, school or home, she always saved me from scolding or hitting. Often lied to me.

Shraddha Kapoor gave this advice to her brother Siddhant

You come from a family of arts, where on one hand you inherited acting, on the other you are a relative of Kokilakanthi Lata Mangeshkar. Want to meet Lata Mangeshkar?
I consider myself lucky to be born in such a family. My mom (Shivangi Kapoor) is Lata ji’s niece. Have to meet Lata ji and Asha ji often. Met him a few months back. They fit perfectly and why not? With him is the love and prayers of all time. He has dedicated his entire life to music and family. We have met less in Kovid, but there is always a conversation. She was very close to my maternal grandfather. He is a very simple hearted person. They are very traditional and I love them.

How has your relationship with your father Shakti Kapoor evolved since becoming an actor?
-They’re like my friends. But at the same time, they keep on explaining the good and bad of life and career. Now today is his birthday, so there is a plan for a family lunch with him. After becoming an actor, now we talk a lot about acting and films. My mom is a very spiritual lady and now love, spirituality, care and concern are given importance in the house. I try to do the same return to dad.

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