Shy’m transformed: the singer reveals her slimming secret which allowed her to find the line after giving birth

The singer Shy’m has been tasting the joys of motherhood for almost a year. In January 2021, the star became the mother of a little boy named Tahoma, a mixed first name of Native American origin which means “snow-capped top of the mountain”. A dream come true for Shy’m who went through a painful ordeal: a miscarriage linked to an ectopic pregnancy. “I found myself in the hospital, stomach and heart upside down in the middle of Halloween, in the middle of GEU (ectopic pregnancy note), in the middle of a horror movie”, she explained to “Purebreak”. A sad period now far behind her.

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If the first name of her son was a secret for a long time, which she ended up revealing, the identity of the father remains for the moment a mystery. A wish from Shy’m, as she explained to the “Parisian”: “It is not because I reveal my pregnancy that I will start to talk about my companion. It is private. I have always been very modest about that. We talk enough about my private life, especially when we are very wrong. I did not want anyone to interfere in my relationship. Let’s live happily, let’s live in hiding “.

In any case, one thing is certain: becoming a mother has radically transformed Shy’m. Determined to find her former body, the artist took up sport. But that’s not all. Shy’m also thinks that breastfeeding and stress made her lose a few pounds. In any case, the result is stunning! There is no indication that Shy’m carried life a few months ago.

“Losing my pregnancy pounds was a big motivation. I had gained 17 kg. There, I lost everything: I think breastfeeding helped a lot, then stress and fatigue got the better of the last pounds. I have resumed a healthier food hygiene, also with protein products. Otherwise, I’m not hyper-athletic but I have phases during which I give myself completely: there was dancing, boxing … . Beyond the line, it is important for physical and mental health “, details the former juror of” Dance with the stars “in the columns of” Télé Loisirs “.


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