Shy’m: several years after her scandalous dress, she is doing the NMA 2021 again … buttocks in sight!

She relapsed. In 2012, Shy’m landed on the red carpet of the NRJ Music Awards, wearing a dress signed Franck Sorbier. A lot of ink had been spilled about her outfit. And for good reason, the dress clearly gave a glimpse of the singer’s chest. “I knew it was going to be talked about, I had warned the social networks. But that it was going to talk about it as much no! I did not know that we were going to talk about it in the United States, in London or in another unlikely country of which I don’t remember anymore. I am delighted, I am delighted, I find that there is nothing vulgar and indeed it is daring but it remains artistic. The fact that it is neither transparent, nor vulgar, everything That’s what makes me assume it and have no regrets, “Shy’m said in an interview with” Télé Loisirs “.

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This Saturday, November 20, 2021, it is not his chest but his posterior that Shy’m has decided to show. The young mother has this time opted for a dress with gold chains handmade and signed Stevens Ishay. All in transparency, Shy’m did not fail to reveal a few pictures on his Instagram account, thus revealing his well rounded posterior.

In her sensational outfit, Shy’m took the stage to present the Francophone Male Artist of the Year award. “I am very happy and honored to present one of the most prestigious awards of the evening. Especially since tonight there is level”, begins the former juror of “Dance with the stars” before being cut by a technical problem. “I’m … I’m waiting for the teleprompter to start … There you go … Thank you for the hassle!”, She says facing the camera. Never far from his guests, Nikos Aliagas flew to the aid of the pretty brunette. “Quietly, everything is fine. Don’t worry, we’re live, you’re at home. Take your time Shy’m”, loose the host of the evening. The singer then resumes: “And I think that’s where I open the envelope”. Dadju won the prize! The rapper and brother of Gims went on stage to recover his NMA and gave a touching speech, making you forget the quack that Shy’m had just experienced …


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