SHOWER! Paris Hilton laughed at Fiki for a bullet in a tank top (Photo)

Paris Hilton he mocked Fiki on social media. The occasion was a grain popped in the tank top of the Bulgarian singer during a concert. Under a photo of Storaro’s son published by Paris, she wrote: “When your nipple finally realizes that she is a strong independent woman and no shirt can hold him back,” it was described as ridiculous by hundreds of thousands of hoteliers. heiress.

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She posted it on a meme page – short videos or photo jokes. Her follower, who acts like Sexy 7, compared Fiki to something like the native proverb “pig bell” and added that he was obviously overtraining in the gym. Many Bulgarians also got involved, but some point out that the hotel heiress, who is “known for being famous”, also had similar nipples and breasts in public.

The photo of Fiki and his nipple, entangled in the net of the tank top, is from 2016 and at the time caused quite a furor on the home net. Apparently, a few years later, she came to Hilton’s attention. She had had a similar nipple bump two years earlier. At that time, Paris pretended to be a singer and in 2014 at a concert by accident or not, but both of her nipples appeared above her dress, writes “Telegraph”.

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