Should we boycott restaurants that do not take CSE seriously? “Absolutely, I want to feel safe”, answers Frank Vandenbroucke

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“If I go to a cafe or a restaurant and they don’t use coronapass seriously, I’ll come out, you know.” I want to feel safe, ”he said.

When the minister was then asked if he was saying that people should boycott catering establishments that do not seriously control CSE, he replied, “Absolutely. It’s a matter of security. Your health is my responsibility. So is your well-being. But my health is your responsibility. ”

For Frank Vandenbroucke, the Minister of the Interior Annelies Verlinden (CD&V) must “absolutely” make further verify compliance with the new rules to fight against the coronavirus.

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Moreover, the Flemish socialist cannot rule out even stricter measures. This will depend in particular on the evolution of the epidemic figures and above all on the rigor with which the measures are applied and controlled. The Minister of Health hopes that the current arrangements will be sufficient. Avoiding closures and true containment “is possible if we not only apply the measures in their entirety, but if we are also very careful with our privacy.”

Frank Vandenbroucke could not give a threshold for the implementation of stricter measures, but admissions to hospitals will continue to increase before those which have just been decided produce their effects, he warns. At the moment, there are 17,000 to 18,000 additional contaminations recorded per day, he is alarmed. “I am afraid this train will not stop, it will continue to progress. The measures taken now will not have immediate effect. ”

To fight against this development, the minister wants, for example, that everyone starts teleworking on Monday.

He also once again pleaded in favor of the compulsory vaccination of nursing staff from April 1, after the agreement reached in this regard within the kern on Friday evening. If the president of the MR, Georges-Louis Bouchez, quickly cast doubt via Twitter, the measure will indeed come. “Ah, there are always people who want to make things even more difficult”, reacted Frank Vandenbroucke. He said to himself this time certain: the measure was “solemnly struck, it is on paper” and has been signed.

“Is there an agreement? I think it’s wiser to wait for the @PSofficiel office on Monday to be sure? We never know. So many discussions to keep the same mechanism. Each party must be serious, ”tweeted the president of the French-speaking Liberals on Friday evening. He was referring here to the resistance of the French-speaking socialists to the compulsory vaccination of nursing staff on pain of dismissal. The PS has since spoken out on several occasions in favor of generalized compulsory vaccination.

Prime Minister De Croo, for his part, developed in several weekend newspapers his vision of compulsory vaccination for the entire population. He would like a more scientific debate to take place on this subject. Because scientific analyzes show that compulsory vaccination is a bad idea. “The generalized vaccination obligation is political laziness,” he sums up.

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