Shortage of trades: for the FGTB, employers have their share of responsibility

This list, updated every year, now includes 52 critical positions, for which employers are having difficulty recruiting, and 89 occupations with a labor shortage, characterized by a lack of candidates. In total, 141 professions are therefore included in this new list, i.e. 15 more than in 2021.

The socialist union notes that two sectors particularly affected, construction and road transport, are sectors “which have massively laid off in recent years, to practice subcontracting and social dumping”. “While the phenomenon cannot be denied, it is however striking that the Forem only points to the origin of it as a lack of training or motivation of people deprived of employment. Because, on closer inspection, it is not the unemployed who lack motivation? but companies, ”denounces the Walloon FGTB, which recalls having carried out a study a few months ago analyzing more than 2,600 job offers for 14 critical or shortage functions. For the socialist trade union, this study has brought to light “a profound imbalance between the demands of employers and the working conditions offered. »

To respond to labor shortages, the Walloon FGTB therefore recommends improving incentives, strengthening the conditions of attractiveness and long-term integration into quality employment.

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