Shopping at a lower cost: in the midst of inflation, here are sites and applications that you will not be able to do without!

Buying cheaper, without compromising the quality of your food products, is possible. Because with theinflationfollowing Covid 19 and the war in ukraine, prices have risen sharply. This is indicated by theUFC What To Choose : food products experienced a price increase of 4.1% in April compared to last year. But thanks to certain sites and applications, you can now do your shopping at lower prices.

L’UFC What To Choose has notably set up a comparator allowing in a few clicks to find near you the brands offering the most attractive prices. It’s free, easy to use and established according to your situation (postal code and situation of your household, single, in a couple, with or without children). It operates on a database of 103 national brand products, updated monthly.

Grégory Caret, director of the UFC Que Choisir Consumer Observatory, also tells our colleagues at Huffington Post that, thanks to the analysis of the data collected by the application, “prices in drives have generally become equivalent with the associated physical store”.

Once registered, you can also compare the price of the average basket from one store to another. But also to find in detail the prices for the big brands, the private labels, the organic products and the prices by departments.

Using a price comparator is therefore the best thing to do in preparation for your shopping. And there are several, like “”, completely independent. It allows you to do your shopping online and compare your basket with different brands in order to offer you the one at the most attractive price. All this with the identical products of your initial basket. As for payment and the delivery window, everything then happens directly on the brand’s website. “” also lets you know about current promotions!

“” also allows you to compare your baskets, by consulting the product catalogs of major brands and specialized stores. It also tells you the current promotions, by offering the price per kilo or per unit, to better understand the price differences from one brand to another.

It is advisable to use this kind of independent comparators, because in general, those set up by brands are biased by offering to compare the prices of previously selected brands. To your races!

Antoine FM

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