Shoplifters caught with considerable loot in Tongeren and arrested

© Police Tongeren-Herstappe


The Tongeren-Herstappe police caught two shoplifters on Monday with serious loot in their vehicle. The thieves were arrested.

Oliver Simons

It was a motorcycle team that checked the suspicious vehicle on the Luikersteenweg. Bags prepared for shoplifting were found. Such a prepared bag has a metal wall, for example made of aluminum foil, to prevent the alarm system from going off. The police also recovered a considerable amount of loot, including a lot of chocolate, M&Ms and cigarettes. The two thieves were deprived of their freedom and the loot was returned to the shops.

Police also revoked a driver’s license for 15 days on Monday because he was driving under the influence of drugs. Four drivers were fined for using their mobile phones behind the wheel. siol

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