Shoe Trends: Fashion professionals are now wearing black sneakers

shoe trends
Fashion professionals are now wearing black sneakers

The fashion professionals show it: With black sneakers you are fashionably up to date this autumn and winter.

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One of the absolute must-haves for the 2022 autumn and winter season: black sneakers. Two shoe classics are making a comeback with this trend.

Now that long-form white sneakers have been the ne plus ultra for many fashion professionals, a sneaker color that’s a whole lot easier to care for is making a comeback this fall. More and more fashionistas are now wearing black sneakers, bringing two classic shoe models back into the wardrobe that we’ve all probably had in the closet at some point.

Vans and Chucks are back

Of course we are talking about black sneakers from Vans and black Chucks from Converse. These two shoe models give the autumn look a stylish upgrade. Thanks to their timeless style, they fit into any type of outfit – whether it’s a suit with a shirt and tie or the trendy Y2K denim skirt. The special thing about the two classic shoes: thanks to their timeless design, they look totally neutral and can be easily integrated into the respective look of all genders.

The perfect complement to the basic look

Black sneakers are the perfect addition to stylish basic looks: fashion girls and influencers like Emelie Lindmark prefer to combine the classic shoes with simple colors such as black, gray and white. An oversized denim jacket completes the look and, with its denim blue, provides a bit of color in the basic look. A classic style that also points to trend awareness in 2022.

So we see: Black sneakers form the perfect basis for a simple, but at the same time classic styling in everyday life. A pair of these should therefore not be missing in any wardrobe.

All-in-black look with black sneakers

Black sneakers fit particularly well in addition to simple basic outfits in a reserved monochrome look. You are not only perfectly dressed in everyday life, but also for evening events. If you want to invest in black sneakers in autumn and winter, you will not only find what you are looking for at Converse and Vans. Labels like Off White as well as traditional fashion houses such as Givenchy also offers its customers black shoe models this year.

On the one hand, the shoes of the well-known fashion designers stand out with a futuristic design On the other hand, lovers of retro vibes can also buy black sneaker models that are reminiscent of the style of past decades. Black sneakers are a lot more diverse than you think!


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