Shocking statements by Mavys Álvarez against Maradona: "He covered my mouth and raped me while my mother cried"

Mavys alvarez traveled to the country to testify in Courts in the trial against Diego Maradona in the case that is in the hands of the federal judge Daniel Rafecas And he has five people from the former soccer star’s circle charged: Omar Suárez, Mariano Israelit, Guillermo Coppola, Carlos Ferro Viera and Gabriel Buono.

The Cuban revealed that in 2001 she was 17 years old and she met Diego in her country, since at that time he was undergoing recovery treatment.

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This is the first time that I come to Argentina after 2001, when I came with Diego. Now I was able to walk a little, at that time I had not been able to see anything “, The woman expressed on the verge of tears in dialogue with Infobae. And he added about his ordeal: “I was kidnapped. Maradona covered my mouth so I wouldn’t scream, so I wouldn’t say anything, and he abused me. My mother came to see me that day at the house where we were in Havana and Diego did not want to open the room door for her. My mom knocked and he didn’t open it. He raped me. That’s what happened“.

Mavys testified in court against Diego Maradona.

Maybe it caused him morbid, I don’t know. I could not tell you. Diego never opened the door. He never opened it. My mom was knocking, going down, coming back, going up and knocking and crying behind the door because she knew we were there. He never opened it until he had to go because he didn’t open it“he recalled about the dramatic scene.

He then continued on the former footballer who passed away on November 25, 2020: “Died Fidel Castro, Diego Maradona died, my daughter is 15 years old. In our family we go through a stage of adolescence for my daughter that is complicated, because all adolescent children, boys are difficult. And it made me think and remember the fact that my daughter is almost the same age as I was back then.“.

Finally, Mavys referred to the children of the Ten and apologized for their statements: “I’m sorry that I could hurt you with my words. But it was what I experienced. I wish I hadn’t had to live it that way. It’s strong, I understand that. I am convinced that he must have been a wonderful father to his daughters. But this is my story, what I lived. I can not say anything else“.

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