Shocking receipt in the Salt Bae restaurant: 161 thousand euros for a dinner. What did they eat

Over 615 thousand dirhams. At the exchange rate 161 thousand. It is the shock account of a dinner in Abu Dhabi, in the famous restaurant of Nusret Gökçeknown as Salt Bae. The dizzying receipt was published by the Turkish businessman, butcher and restaurateur himself with the apparently ironic caption “quality is never expensive”.

The photo of the receipt quickly went around the web: there were 14 guests at the table, with a per capita share of around 11,000 euros each. Above all, it was the bottles of which drove up the price Peter, 85 thousand euros for five bottles, plus 52,000 euros for another two bottles of Petrus 2009.

All the diners ate the meat, a specialty of the chef, known in particular for the gesture of personally going to the table to salt it. In particular, the diners spent 315 euros for 5 beef carpaccio, 1440 euros for two “ottoman” steaks covered with edible gold, 1200 euros for two “golden sirt” and then, again, 2300 euros for the “golden Istanbul” . Prices definitely inflated by the edible gold that covers the meat. But not only. An example? A Negroni cocktail cost 20 euros, while 4 portions of fries cost 47 euros.

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