Shocking in Liège: underage girls, domiciled and educated in the region, prostitutes in Airbnbs in the heart of the city

Jean-Luc Drion, First Principal Inspector in charge of this issue at the BJ of Liège explains to us this disturbing phenomenon which plagues Liège. “We have two big trends emerging,” he says. “The first is Airbnb and classified ads. They are mainly women from South America, or transsexuals, who rent them in Liège for short periods in order to prostitute themselves there. »

The second is even more shocking and particularly worries the Liège police: it concerns the prostitution of minors. ” It’s about young girls domiciled and educated in the Liège region”, continues Jean-Luc Drion. And here too, this takes place in Airbnbs in Liège.

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