Shocked audience had to watch soldier faint shortly before memorial service

Only bird chirps could be heard in two minutes of silence.

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But it was the scene before the two-minute silence on ‘Remembrance Sunday’, which is a memorial service in honor of British soldiers who stole the candle.

Too short before the two minutes of silence, a female soldier fainted before the eyes of a shocked crowd in the middle of London. What caused her to faint is not yet known.

Her colleagues did not give her much attention as she lay her face planted in the asphalt, with a guard looking straight out as if nothing had happened. Another soldier is just standing and watching.

Remembrance Day has been in existence since 1921.

Remembrance Day has been in existence since 1921.
Photo: POOL

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It is not clear why the soldier fell over, but it is not the first time that a soldier has fallen over during a ceremony. In fact, it often happens when soldiers place too much weight on their heels and thus lose blood to the brain.

But there was one particular person who did not witness the soldier’s fall.

For the first time in 22 years, the 95-year-old Queen Elizabeth could not attend the memorial service as she had to cancel shortly before the event kicked off.

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“Her Majesty is extremely disappointed that she is not coming to the service,” Buckingham Palace said in a statement.

This is because the monarch spent an overnight stay in the hospital on October 20 after she sprained her back.

Queen Elizabeth’s planned events have recently been canceled, prompting speculation about the state of health of the longest-serving monarch in the world.

According to a source close to Queen Elizabeth, she is betting on continuing her program with light tasks in the coming week.

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