Shock to the audience: The trump card criticized Martina z Peče the whole country

Lucie Dvořáková (26) from Kupařovice in the Brno region and Jana Pokorná (26) from Horní Dubňany in the Znojmo region also fought for the title. However, the jury preferred Martina, who even in the finals had certain shortcomings in her bakery creations, but somehow managed to sell them with her bitterness and wit. problem to believe that she is the one who won the competition.

The whole country is baking – what will be the last baking in the final? Who wins?

“It’s something unreal that I couldn’t believe until Saturday night. It wasn’t until I really saw it on TV that I began to believe and say to myself that it was no longer just a dream. “ said Martina after broadcasting the final to Sunday Aha !. In addition to the title of the best Czech amateur baker, she also received a check for 100,000 crowns, thanks to which she can now equip her kitchen.

Martin knows that he is the target of harsh criticism from many viewers. But she stopped working. “I know I’m not nice to everyone, but it’s nice to write, without vulgar words. But what, it’s their problem when they can’t express themselves politely and accept the fact that I’m who I am. But I stopped reading them from the 8th round and I’m better, I don’t deal with them. “ added last night in an interview for Aha !. “Martina is exceptional in that she did it humanly and didn’t play anything.” commented on her jury’s victory Josef Maršálek (40). “I wish Martina to stay what she is, so that her confidence doesn’t go up too much. To continue enjoying the baking, “added his colleague Míša Landová (47).

The whole country is baking: Stuffed bread – who will not succeed this time?

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