Shivpuri News: Shivpuri: Three people who were stuck on the island in Bhadota for two days rescued the auto riders.

Kolaras. naiduniya representative

In the districts of Guna, Ashoknagar and Vidisha, the Sindh river came in spate due to heavy rains on Thursday. Water started flowing five feet above both the channels of Sindh river near Bhadota village of Kolaras tehsil. Between the two reports, three people including the auto rider husband, wife son-in-law were trapped for about 40 hours. The son-in-law was safely taken out by the SDRF on Saturday afternoon. In the evening, the team also rescued the mother-in-law and took them out. Although in the past the couple had refused to come with the team.

According to the information, the process of rain started in the district from noon on Thursday. Since Bhadota is divided into two parts due to the confluence of the Sindh river and the Gunjari river near the village. Badal Jatav, Debibai and Lallu Jatav etc. were coming to village Leva Semele of Kolaras from Rannaud’s side by auto. Where a fair is organized on Hiraman Baba on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi, the said people were going to set up Manihari’s shop in that fair, when on Thursday night at around 2 o’clock, due to low water, they crossed the Rapata and came to the island. As soon as we reached the second level, water was flowing above the ramp here. Between the two reports, people like Badal Jatav, Devi Bai and Lallu Jatav resident of Madhopur police station Kadwaya, who were riding autos on the island, got trapped. On receiving the information on Saturday, the police and SDRF teams reached the spot and the son-in-law Badal Jatav was rescued and taken out safely. During the rescue, police personnel including SDM Brijbihari Srivastava, SDOP Amarnath Verma and station in-charge Alok Singh Bhadauria, Tehsildar Akhilesh Sharma were present.

The couple did not sit in the boat, gave food and drinks, took out in the evening

Debibai and Lallu Jatav sitting in the auto refused to come with the SDRF team. Both of them were not even ready to sit in the boat. Actually, due to Manihari’s belongings in the auto, the couple stopped with the auto. The administration explained them a lot, but they did not listen. The administration has provided them with food and drink there. They will be taken out along with the luggage when the water on the track is low. In the evening, the team persuaded the couple to leave after persuasion and rescued them.

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On Thursday night, between the two reports of Bhaauta, three people on autos had stopped in the night. Even after the villagers refused, he did not agree. In the morning, the flow of water got up due to the ripple. Badal has been rescued by rescue on Saturday afternoon, the remaining people are not sitting in the boat. Arranged food and drink for them. Both were taken out in the evening.

Alok Bhadauria, TI Kolaras.

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