Shivpuri News: Shivpuri: In the Pichore Chhatrasal College, the professors are taking a week-long attendance in a day, arbitrarily

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The crisis is deepening over the future of the students in Pichore Chhatrasal College. With limited resources already available, students do not have much scope. Along with this, the teaching staff here is doing their arbitrariness. How serious the teachers are about the future of the students is shown by the fact that instead of attending every day in the college, they are filling the whole week’s attendance in one day. The principal of the college is also not behind in this matter and they go to Gwalior every day after giving their charge to others. When they are made aware of the problems, the only answer they get is that I have just come out of work after paying the charge. Students have also made allegations regarding the presence of teachers. Right now regular classes are not being held, but every day students are reaching the college. Students reach the college, but they do not get the staff. When the attendance register of the college was seen, it has been signed at many places even on holidays. At the same time, there were several days of signatures left in front of some staff, which they will probably sign in the coming days. When he was on leave, leave should have been marked here which has not been done.

Even coron guidelines are not being followed

Corona guidelines are being flouted in Pichore Chhatrasal College. On one hand the government is making many efforts to prevent the outbreak of dengue viral fever spreading in the district, on the other hand even the teachers in Chhatrasal College are not following the Covid guidelines. Neither the students nor the responsible teachers wear masks in the college. The law of physical distance is as if no one knows here.

they say

The principal has just gone on leave due to work and the charge is with me. Children have to come by 15th. Staff signs. Although Babu sees this work, yet I get it seen.

Anju Sihare, Principal in-charge

I was just about to write Abkash on the register. In the blank columns that are read, the principal himself writes the leave.

Bir Singh Lodhi, Babu College

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