Shivpuri News: Shivpuri: Construction of new colonies doing land mafia without colonizer license

Kolaras. naiduniya news

At present, the city of Kolaras remains a place of refuge for the land mafia. With the connivance of the officers, the mafia is constructing new colonies in the fields having agricultural land. It is worth mentioning that most of the city does not have a colonizer’s license nor has the map approved from the town up country, nor any arrangement of electricity, roads and water, in spite of this, new colonies are being constructed at a fast pace in Kolaras. Plots are being sold by the mafia to the people by trapping them in their trap, during which people are being assured of providing electricity, roads, water and all other facilities. But there is nothing on the ground in the name of facilities, people have bought plots by falling in the trap of land mafia, but now they are feeling cheated by being deprived of basic facilities.

flouting the rules of the government

If a colonizer builds a new colony, then it is mandatory for him to get his license, diversion, to get the map of the colony approved from the town up country, better roads, electricity, water and other types of facilities to the people. But the rules of governance do not apply here, if they were, then the people here would not have been forced to live a hellish life.

what is the rule

Ghooman Singh Dangi, President of Kolaras Avibhak Sangh said that if a colonizer constructs a new colony in the land, then it is very necessary to get a valid license, appraisal from Town Up Country Planning to make the diversion and new colony valid. If the colonizer violates all these conditions and creates a colony, then there is a provision of punishment under the Municipal Council Act. If such cases come before the administration, the District Collector has the right to take action after taking cognizance of himself. If the administration does not take any action in such cases, then every person of the public has been empowered to take action under PIL, which can approach the Honorable High Court, Gwalior.

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