Shivpuri News: Shivpuri: A year has passed since the honorable announcement, till today the construction of Sarkula Dam has not started

Pohri (Naiduniya News).

Bhoomipujan of Sarkula Dam was done as loudly as on September 11, 2020, a year ago in Pohri assembly constituency of the district. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar, State Home Minister Narottam Mishra and current Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia had launched this scheme by gathering on the same platform. This was Jyotiraditya Scindia’s first visit to Shivpuri district after toppling the Congress government and joining the BJP. Seeing so many veterans on one platform and hearing about development from them, the public was also convinced that this project would start soon and would also be completed on time. Here all the honorable people got down from the stage and after this the same condition happened to this scheme as it is happening to other schemes. A year after the announcement, not even a single brick of its construction has been laid. After a long time of one year, till now this project could not come out of the paper and come on the ground while a huge amount of Rs 6 crore was spent.

Pohri assembly constituency of the district has the maximum water problem and with the aim of removing it and irrigating the surrounding area, Bhoomi Pujan of Sarkula Dam was done in Pohri on 11th September 2020. This dam was to be built by stopping the water between two hills in the forest inside the Pohri Fort. Apart from being the construction agency of Water Resources Department, Rajkamal Builders Indore has taken up this work. After taking this work, the construction company has not started the work yet. More than one hundred villages have to get irrigation water from this dam. Along with this, the common people of Pohri zone would also get water under the Jal Jeevan Mission. However, in this one year, there have been many allegations and counter-allegations regarding this project. Prahlad Bharti, a former BJP MLA himself, has raised many questions on this project throughout the year.

Former MLA Prahlad Bharti had made these allegations against the project contractor

The tender of Sarkula Irrigation Project was given to the contractor of Indore at a rate of only 10 paise less than the CSR rate. Seeing his own benefit, the contractor is making unnecessary changes in the original form of the project, due to which the dam will be weak in terms of technical and quality. The Sarkula project in its original form was approved as a central spillway, but the contractor has converted it to a side spillway. In this, a stone dam is being built in the main part of the river, which is not proper from the point of view of quality. The river on which the Sarkula Irrigation Project is being built is not a perennial river, but water flows in this river only till the month of November. Former MLA Prahlad Bharti has also alleged that it was earlier proposed to build a RCC wicket to prevent erosion when water falls from a height of 150 feet by making a concrete dam in the river, but now the contractor has built the project under the side spill way. has been proposed. In this, the drawings of the side spill way, where the dam will be damaged within 2-4 years due to the softening of the soil and the water falling from such a height.

Accused of changing rainfall figures

The work of survey, design drawing etc. of this scheme is being done again. The contractor has re-calculated the hydro from the Bodhi office, in which the contractor has manipulated the rainfall data from 1989 to 2019 and estimated the excess amount of water. There have also been allegations of rigging in the assessment of excess quantity of water. In this rigged project report, the contractor has increased the three years of high rainfall and removed the three years of less rainfall so that the amount of water can be shown more in the report.

ridicule on internet media

Posts are also being put on internet media in case the Sarkula Dam is not working after completion of one year. Where people on Facebook are taunting the BJP rule due to the non-start of this scheme. People are seen congratulating the government on the completion of one year since the launch of the scheme.

they say

Machines are standing behind my house: Suresh Rathkheda

Minister of State for PWD, Suresh Rathkheda, says that the Forest Department has taken his NOC, the number of trees has also been done. He has to put a barrier on him, his permission has been taken. The day before yesterday I have taken his file to Bhopal. The file will be returned from Bhopal in 8-10 days. The money has come to us and the machines are standing behind my house. If you want, you can come and see for yourself. we are going to start work very soon

Ministers misleading the public: Congress spokesperson

Congress spokesperson of Pohri Vidhan Sabha Sanjeev Sharma said that Sarkula Dam has become an election jumla. Votes were taken from the people of Pohri area by misleading them and they have been cheated. Not long ago, the former MLA had also complained about Sarkula Dam. Even after payment of crores of rupees, till date no work has been done on the ground. Efforts are on to convert from Central Slip Way to Side Slip Way. The same Minister of State is also misleading the people of Pohri.

When will the dam finally be built: Block President

Congress Block President Afaq Ansari said that the BJP party is waiting for the elections. As soon as the elections come, Sarkula’s drumbeat will be beaten again. Whereas even after a year has passed, only a dream has been shown to the public. The people of the area are asking the internet media that when will the Sarkula Dam be built.

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