Shivpuri News: Shivpuri: 8.75 lakh rupees cheated in the name of transfer after getting acquainted with health department employee on Facebook

Shivpuri. naiduniya representative

Vicious crooks are finding new ways to cheat. In the name of getting her transferred from a female employee posted in the health department of Shivpuri, the thug cheated Rs 8.75 lakh. Kalavati Masram is a nurse in the health department and her husband also works as a nurse. A youth has cheated him in the name of getting Jabalpur transfer.

PSQ Line, a resident of Kalavati Masram, told in the application given to the SP that he got acquainted with the person of Nama on Facebook. He assured to get the transfer done and said that first you have to put the advance amount. After this, through net banking in Anuruth’s account number 20292044080, 50 thousand rupees in March 2020, then 80 thousand on 6 June 2020, 65 thousand on 21 June, 1 lakh on 27 June, then 1 lakh on 29 June and on 30 June Then transferred one lakh rupees. After this, 80 thousand, 25 thousand and 70 thousand rupees were transferred in the month of September last year itself. In this way, a total of Rs 8.75 lakh was given to Anuruth through net banking. After taking the money, neither the transfer has been done nor the amount taken has been refunded. 000 told that when I ask for money from Anuruth, he abuses and behaves indecently. A few days ago, he has also switched off his four mobile numbers. In this case, an application has been made in the countryside police station also two months ago, but the police did not take any action. Kalavati said that if the bank accounts and mobile numbers of the accused are traced, then many things will come to the fore.

Countryside police did not listen

In this case, the police is also having some doubts as to why such a huge amount was given in advance for transfer to the post of nurse. However, the negligence of the countryside police station has also come to the fore in this case. Even after applying to the police station 13 days ago, neither the police acted nor helped the complainant in any way. After this, the woman now reached the SP to plead.

76 thousand rupees cheated online

Nazim Khan’s son Haji Fazil Khan resident of the airstrip has complained to the countryside police station that on Monday, there was a transaction of 20-20 thousand rupees from my account three times. Once a transaction of 16 thousand rupees has also been done. Whereas neither I did any transaction in the bank and my ATM was also with me. On getting information about the withdrawal of money, I went to the bank and got the ATM closed. When the account was checked there, it came to know that there has been a fraud. It is also not understood in this how the thugs have withdrawn the money.

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