Shitstorm: These stars shoot at luxury brand Balenciaga

Is the image of the fashion giant crumbling? The fashion from Balenciaga is currently enjoying great popularity – not only in hip-hop circles. The Spanish label is characterized by numerous cooperations with well-known brands such as Adidas or Supreme and has caused a real hype in recent years. But that could now get a damper – many stars are now distancing themselves from the company.

In your Instagram-Story showed Gerda Lewis (30), for example, media reports that address a controversial campaign by the label in which children hold BDSM teddy bears in their hands. “Thank God I’ve never shopped there much. But what are they thinking?”, the beauty was horrified. Samantha Abdul (32) is also disappointed with the questionable shoot: “It’s my favorite label, but I will never buy anything there again!”

The label has since apologized for the campaign, but Melody Haase (28) doesn’t seem to be enough on its own: “Why does that sound like ‘whoops’ when it has to be planned, prepared and approved by a large team?”

Gerda Lewis, former “Germany’s next top model” participant

Instagram / samantha_abdul

Samantha Abdul, influencer

Instagram / melodyraabbit

TV star Melody Haase

Can you understand the frustration?

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