"shit happens": Frauke Ludowig bursts her pants at Kate Winslet

“Shit happens”
Frauke Ludowig bursts her pants at Kate Winslet

RTL presenter Frauke Ludowig is not disturbed by anything – not even an embarrassing textile incident. In an interview with Hollywood great Kate Winslet it makes “ratsch” – pants burst. But Ludowig stays cool – and Winslet leaves the set again without noticing the unwanted tear.

Frauke Ludowig also takes small mishaps calmly. The 58-year-old RTL presenter showed pictures on Instagram of herself and Kate Winslet, the Hollywood star, met the presenter for an interview. Ludowig wrote: “She really is a megastar! KATE WINSLET! Titanic, Oscars, family, Leo, there were a lot of topics we chatted about in Cannes!” Then the TV star added: “Ok, my pants burst during the interview … but whatever … she didn’t notice anything”.

Also in an RTL clip about the conversation with Winslet, Ludowig talks about her little faux pas. In it, she shows her pants, which are torn wide on the side. “Sometimes things really go well, but sometimes they don’t. During the interview, she suddenly noticed that “something was happening,” said the moderator: “The zipper burst,” she continues. “I’m just saying, ‘Shit happens ‘. Anything can happen,” she explains.

Kate Winslet didn’t notice anything, “I always held my hand a little in front of it,” said the presenter. And if so, according to Ruth Moschner, it wouldn’t have been bad at all. She wrote in the comments to Ludowig’s Instagram post: “Two great women!!! And that with the pants would have made Kate smile.”

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