“Shit boring”: Harsh criticism of DC and Marvel films from the “House of Gucci” director

The living directing legend Ridley Scott has shaped Hollywood cinema for over 40 years. Obviously, he can’t do much with the hottest films at the moment.

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Criticizing superhero films seems to be slowly becoming a popular hobby for famous directors. Well-known filmmakers such as Martin Scorsese (“The Irishman”), Roland Emmerich (“Independence Day”) and, most recently, Denis Villeneuve (“Dune”) have worked on what is currently by far the most popular genre. Now another director personality joins this illustrious group.

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Ridley Scott spoke to Deadline about his upcoming film House of Gucci, which features Adam Driver, Lady Gaga, Jared Leto and Al Pacino with an excellent cast. He dismissed comic book adaptations as merely visual showmanship without depth:

“The best films are almost always determined by characters, and we’ll come to superhero films in a moment, if you like, because I’ll finish them off. I’m gonna fuck the hell out of her. You’re fucking boring. […] Your scripts aren’t shitty good at all. I think they made three great scripts for superhero films. One was ‘Alien’ with Sigourney Weaver. One was fucking ‘Gladiator’ and one was [‚Blade Runner‘]… these are superhero films. So why don’t the superhero films have better stories? Sorry. I’ve drifted a bit, but I mean, seriously. They are mostly saved by special effects and that has become boring for anyone who works with special effects when you have the money. “

You can soon find out for yourself whether Ridley Scott can convince himself qualitatively with his next work. The trailer for “House of Gucci” gives you a first impression:

The big streaming comparison

Superhero films dominate the cinema market – but will you soon have a problem?

Like all the directors mentioned above, Ridley Scott also criticizes the comic book adaptations for being lacking in creativity, as they simply pump a lot of money into special effects and don’t tell really interesting stories. According to the motto “success proves you right”, Marvel and DC certainly see it differently. After all, their films continue to dominate the global cinema market and make enormous sums of money due to the masses pouring into the movie theaters, which should be quite pleasant for cinemas, especially in times of the Corona. Whether these works are convincing in terms of quality or are just an empty spectacle, that each person has to decide for himself. As is well known, one can argue about quality.

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As always with the most popular genres, the superhero film will have to reinvent itself on a regular basis, otherwise this category will follow the path of the western, which was ultimately the ultimate and now ekes out a niche existence. For years, due to the supposed oversupply, everyone has been asking when the audience is tired of the comic book adaptations. So far, however, nothing has been noticed.

With his three superhero films mentioned, Ridley Scott wanted to make it clear that many other works follow similar characteristics and that the genre should follow these as an example. The problem is probably that hardly anyone would put the films he mentioned in this genre. All three are much more likely to follow the classic hero’s journey, which is not exclusively reserved for comic book adaptations.

But we can no longer expect a more strictly defined superhero film from Ridley Scott. Especially since the almost 84-year-old director (he celebrates his birthday on November 30th) already has enough to do: He recently brought “Last Duel” to cinemas, followed by “House of Gucci” on December 2, 2021, after which he still has Projects like the Napoleon drama “Kitbag” and of course “Gladiator 2” are in progress. Of course, an “Avengers 5” doesn’t fit in well.

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