Shirley dreaded sharing picture of her new breasts: ‘It’s hard to share’

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Singer and influencer, Szhirley, likes to share photos of both breasts and buttocks with her 104,000 followers on Instagram.

“I’m not afraid to show meat and like to post pictures of myself flossing in my allotment garden.”

She tells this in BT’s podcast ‘All the way away’, where the hosts Anders Hemmingsen and Emma Wittendorff ask about both life as an influencer and her new breasts.

Even Schirley does not care what others think:

‘People have to think what they want about me and they have to talk about it half an evening in a cottage with their friends. But they do not have to tell me, “she states.

But it is not always that others can keep their opinions to themselves. Therefore, there is one particular person she always asks for advice before posting a picture. Namely, his eldest son.

‘The rule is that 12-year-old Elton has to approve everything. For he is the one who will hear about it if people have an opinion and some of his friends follow me. “

Even Szhirley may well get carried away, think, ‘Fuck a good ass I have’ and immediately post a picture, but she will not expose her son to having to defend her mother.

Therefore, no bikini photos will find their way to Instagram until Elton has said goodbye to it being one he can vouch for.

“Sometimes he says: ‘That picture is really nice, but your buttocks are really big on it, can we take another one?'” She says with a laugh.

For it is he who must be able to say to his comrades:

“I have a lovely mother and what’s so,” she says.

One of the pictures that Szhirley herself had less desire to post was the picture and the story that she has got new breasts.

“Many have probably figured out that these are not the ones I have received from nature. I’m open about most things, but it was hard to share, ”she says.

The prehistory is that the breasts, which she calls ‘her girls’, were a ‘torpedo doctor’ and a ‘gajol’:

“They each came from their own planet. I had a giant Dolly Parton on one side and a Kate Moss on the other. It was so tacky and not okay at all. “

Already at a very young age, she knew she wanted them corrected, but only after the birth of the eldest son did she take her thoughts seriously. Ten years ago she had her first breast surgery and last year in November the ‘girls’ were replaced.

“I love body positivism, but I also support doing it with your holster as you like – no matter what people around you may think.”

Therefore, she took a ‘pretty good approach’ before deciding that she needed to be open about it.

“Because it can be an inspiration to other girls and women who are not happy with their babes either.”

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