Shining Vale: StarzPlay series with Courteney Cox has confirmed premiere date

Courteney Cox has stood out notably for its interpretation as Monica Geller in the comedy series Friends and for his performance as Gale Weathers in horror movies Scream. Now, the star redoubles the bet and presents a new horror comedy that will take place in StarzPlay and that will be released very soon under the title Shining Vale. In this way, the nominee for the Emmy Award and the Academy Award, is nominated as the protagonist of one of the most promising releases of 2022.

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You will not be alone, because Greg Kinnear – from As Good as It Gets and The Kennedys– will accompany her as a co-star. Together they will give life to Pat y Terry Phelps, a couple looking to save their marriage by pooling their savings to move from their cramped Brooklyn apartment to a Victorian mansion in Shining Vale, located in Connecticut. But this woman’s life won’t be fixed so easily: She rose to fame writing a women’s empowerment novel when she was drenched in drugs and alcohol. But 17 years later, she feels totally unsatisfied.

She is sober, although her relationship with her husband is not going well at all, she still has not managed to write her second novel and her children – played by Gus Birney y Dylan Gage– they don’t want to have anything to do with her. Uniting the family will be the great challenge for the Phelps, who are somewhat overshadowed when they discover that the 200-year-old house they live in has the presence of an old-fashioned-looking woman appears floating outside the living room window.

With comedy as the main protagonist, the story of StarzPlay will involve a triple murder and a series of chilling facts that cause strange movements and sounds at night. The performances of Merrin Dungey y Mira Sorvino complete the cast that moves under the command of Jeff Astrof and Sharon Horgan, creators of Shining Vale.

+ When is Shining Vale released?

From Europe, Latin America and Japan, Shining Vale can be enjoyed from the international streaming platform StarzPlay. Meanwhile, in the United States and Canada, it will be broadcast through STARZ. The episodes of the series will be available from Sunday, March 6, 2022 produced by Warner Bros. Television and Lionsgate Television in association with Other Shoe Productions, Merman and Kapital Entertainment.

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