SHINee: Minho will have a fan party to end 2021, when is it?

SHINee’s Minho will be the protagonist of the Fan Party ‘Best Choi’s Minho’ with the company SHAWOL, being the reunion of the star and his fans after two years apart.

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The members of SHINee they find themselves shining individually with important projects on the small screen such as invitations to variety shows and even dramas like Minho.

After the successful and commented participation in Yumi’s Cells, Minho plans to finish 2021 surrounded by the energy and love of SHAWOL on ‘Best Choi’s Minho‘, When is your fanmeeting, where and when do the tickets go on sale?

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When is SHINee’s Minho’s ‘Best Choi’s Minho’ fan meeting?

Through social networks the official poster from ‘Best Choi’s Minho’ where the singer appears amid red and dark leftovers that give it a mysterious and attractive touch at the same time.

The Fan Party ‘Best Choi’s Minho’ will be on December 21 at 8:00 PM in South Korean time at the Donghae Arts Center Theater at Kwangwoon University in Seoul City, with capacity for 2,000 seats.

The fanmeeting It is Minho’s first meeting with SHAWOL after 2 years and due to the global situation, this is very exciting for the Korean and international fans who will have the opportunity to interact with him.

Fan Party poster ‘Best Choi’s Minho’. | Source Twitter @SshawolsForever

When does ‘Best Choi’s Minho’ ticket sales start and where to see it?

If you want your tickets For ‘Best Choi’s Minho’, the sale begins on November 29 at 8:00 PM South Korean time on the YES24 platform, available for SHAWOL from all over the world.

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Since you have your ticket, you will be able to enjoy the fan meeting through NAVER and VLive, more benefits of the event and the exclusive merchandise on the occasion of the party have not yet been announced. How about?

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