shilpa shetty: Shilpa Shetty took the help of lizard posture to overcome the tension from Raj Kundra, know the benefits of this yoga

Shilpa Shetty is now slowly trying to get out of the entanglements of husband Raj Kundra. Now she has started following her routine with full enthusiasm. Along with reality shoots, Shilpa now also shares daily activities with fans. She has shared pictures with both her children on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi. Apart from this, she has also recently shared a workout video in which she is seen doing Utthan Pristhasana. Along with this, he has also told many benefits of this yoga posture. Let us know what is Utthan pristhasana and for whom it is beneficial.

Shilpa starts the day with lizard pose

Shilpa wrote in the post of the video, ‘Giving a good stretch to the body in the morning is the beginning of a better day for you. It can relieve tension, tension pain by adding to the muscles and mind along with blood circulation in the body. So, I decided to start my day under the sky, feet on the ground, chirping birds and with O2 Uplifting Pratishthan or Lizard Pose (Lizard Pose). You can also call it lizard pose.

See Shilpa’s lizard pose

Advantages of doing uplifting prostration

Utthan pristhasana (utthan pristhasana) not only improves the flexibility of the body, but also helps in opening up the hamstrings, hip flexors and waist. Additionally, it strengthens the inner thighs and quadriceps, making it a better posture to open the hips, open the upper body, and calm the nerves. By doing this, it helps in weight loss and belly fat goes inside.

These people do not do this yoga

Shilpa has also given information in her post that for whom this posture can be harmful. He told that if you are suffering from any hip or knee injury or you have weak shoulders, then avoid doing this mudra.

how to do lizard pose

  • First of all, come to the downward facing breathing posture.
  • In the downward facing posture, keep both the palms and the soles of the feet and keeping the head in the middle of both the hands, keep the hips towards the sky.
  • Now while exhaling, rest your right foot on the outside of the right palm.
  • Keep your right knee just above the right ankle at a 90 degree angle and keep the left leg straight.
  • Now while breathing, keep both your elbows on the ground and spread the palms towards the ground.
  • You will see that both the right hand and the right leg have come together.
  • Now stay in this posture and take deep breaths 5-6 times. After this, come back to the starting posture i.e. downward facing yoga and stay for a few seconds.

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