Shikhar Dhawan love for Aloo Paratha: Shikhar Dhawan workout routine and diet plan

Shikhar Dhawan is in discussion these days about his divorce from wife Ayesha Mukherjee and his non-selection in the T20 World Cup. These days, he is attracting the attention of people regarding his personal and professional life. However, here we are talking about Dhawan’s health and fitness. Gabbar maintained his fitness even during the time of lockdown. Meanwhile, he focused on his fitness by playing squash, cycling, meditating and doing yoga to maintain himself. Since Dhawan is the star cricketer of Team India, millions of fans want to know about his fitness routine and diet plan as well. So let’s know Gabbar’s diet plan and workout routine.

Dhawan takes protein, carbs and vitamins in the diet

In an interview to ZOOM TV regarding fitness, Shikhar had told how the Delhi cricketer managed to maintain the fitness level. Shikhar is a foodie and loves to eat parathas, but a few cricketers often avoid doing so to maintain fitness. Dhawan, 34, maintains a pattern and focuses on having a balanced diet.

Shikhar takes veg diet

Very few people know that Shikhar Dhawan is a vegetarian now. He himself had disclosed this too. Dhawan said, ‘I am a vegetarian, so my diet consists of a lot of pulses and rice. Parathas in particular used to be my favorite food, but this diet was banned amid the lockdown. However, on weekends I eat aloo paratha. I like to eat very light and I take my protein shake every day. I try to avoid breadstuffs. Earlier I used to eat too much so I used to feel lethargic.

The secret of health is to give your 100% and be happy


Cricketer Dhawan mantra is to be happy in life and give your best. The right attitude for any player is to give his 100 percent in the game. Whether you are practicing or playing a match, stick to the rules and do your best.

In an interview, Dhawan told that ‘My main objective during the tournament is to maintain my strength. I try to do 2 or 3 gym sessions per week with 1 or 2 cardio sessions, and I also engage in a lot of mobility training. I go to the gym three times a week for weight training, plus two cardio sessions. I also do a lot of yoga and enjoy powerlifting.

Dhawan works out for 5 days in a week


Dhawan goes to the gym 5 days a week, out of which he does weight training for 3 days and cardio exercises for 2 days. Gabbar warms himself up for half an hour to start any tough workout. In the meantime, he does activities like glute exercises, mobility training and stretching, and after that he pushes.

Shikhar’s favorite exercise

The left-hander’s workout set includes a half-hour warm-up session consisting of glute exercises, mobility training and stretching, followed by push presses which is a full body workout consisting of power training, lateral pull downs and Includes sit-ups. They pay a lot of attention to their core.

He enjoys pumping his biceps the most, whereas glute workouts are quite boring. Cricket is a high-pressure and physically demanding sport, so rest is essential. That’s why Dhawan prefers to rest after taking a good night’s sleep.

Yoga is also included in Gabbar’s routine

Apart from gym’s tough workouts and sports practice, Shikhar Dhawan is also fond of doing yoga. He believes that every person should do a little bit of yoga. Shikhar does yoga asanas with breathing exercises, due to which his mind remains calm. After this he does Surya Namaskar, which brings flexibility in his body. There are 9 yogas in uryasana alone. Shikhar also likes to do Sarvangasana and Vrikshasana.

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