Shh, Dad doesn’t know: Ledecká’s unexpected departure from snowboarding

On Friday, the IAF 5 martial arts social event took place in Pilsen. The audience was shocked to see the name Ledecké. At the same time, the experienced beater Petr Ondruš has been training here for a long time.

Ledecká: The fourth place comes to me as a miracle. Talking about injuries is sad

“We agreed with Esther that we would not publish anything until we saw fit. It’s still filming, so I can’t say anything but that you have to wait until September for the show to go on TV. ” Petr spoke for Esther did not even tell her father Janka about this newspaper Ledeckýwith whom they have a very close relationship.

“I don’t know anything about it at all, this is the first time I’ve heard from you,” Surprised Ledecký stammered when the editorial staff of the Expres website informed him about his daughter’s plans. That Esther would be afraid of Dad’s reaction?

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