Sheron Menezzes shares photo album with her sister on a trip to Jalapão

Last Monday night (07/25), the actress Sheron Menezzes opened a photo album on her Instagram where she appears enjoying a delicious trip through Jalapão, in Tocantis.

The actress enjoys the trip in the company of her brothers, Sol and Rayson. In the photos shared on the social network, Sheron appears with her sister and says that her brother became their photographer during the trip.

“He takes our most sincere moments… love with a brother’s eyes”, posted the actress in the caption of the post. In other clicks, she appears touring the place on dirt roads and taking the opportunity to appreciate the beauties of the region’s fervedouros.

In June, Sheron Menezes debuted in the series “Maldives“, from the streaming platform “Netflix“. The series also stars Bruna Marquezine, Manu Gavassi, Carol Castro, Vanessa Gerbelli and Natalia Kleinwho is also the creator and screenwriter of the work.

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