‘Sherlock’ Showrunner Says He Would Return With The Show, But On ONE Condition…

Steven Moffatthe creator of ‘sherlock‘, revealed in a recent interview with deadline who only agrees to return to the series of the greatest detective in the world if benedict cumberbatch and martin freeman were also part of the show, as before.

“They are doing bigger and better things now. But, Martin and Benedict, please come back.”said Moffat.

Remembering that ‘sherlock‘ stood out as one of the BBC’s top series. Production basically just hasn’t moved forward in recent years because of the lead actors’ busy schedules.

benedict cumberbatch became Marvel’s Doctor Strange, while martin freeman is also part of the MCU, appearing in the ‘black Panther‘.

sherlock‘ from BBC accompanies Sherlock Holmes, an extremely intelligent and methodical consulting detective. Dr. John Watson is, initially, his flatmate, but becomes Holmes’s best friend and, together, they begin to unravel countless mysteries. The series is currently available on Netflix.

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