She tries to find the man who had seduced her at the beach, she did not expect that: “Everything always ends up being known”

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Mica met a man when she was at the beach with a friend in Miami. He had given her his number but obviously she was drunk and had forgotten to save it in her phone. In a first video posted on TikTok, the young woman launched a call to try to find him. “TikTok, I’m coming to you today because I heard what you do for others, I believe he said he was from Detroit. »

“I was in Miami, well in the ocean, and my friend was taking pictures of me when he approached me and introduced himself,” she explains in a second video posted a few days later. “My friend thought it was daring so she kept recording. After we left the ocean he gave me his number but I was ‘drunk’. I thought I had saved it but that was not the case. »

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This is where she announces that she has found him. But bad surprise! ” He is married “. And the wife of the man in question came across the video. When Mica received messages from his wife, she realized he was married. She immediately apologized to her. “It’s not your fault,” she replied. “Thank you for posting this message. Everything that is done in the shadows always ends up being known. »

Even so, she asked Mica not to take the video down from TikTok so “he can’t try to lie about it.” »

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