She thought her cell phone was damaged, but her children weren’t actually calling her

Lau Chan

A video went viral when it showed an elderly woman who desperately went to a technical service to have her car repaired. cell since for 1 year he had not received calls from his children And they didn’t answer the call either, so he thought the cell phone was defective. Unfortunately, the reason was another.

She explained through tears that she did not have to repair it, but that she needed to know what was wrong with her cell phone. A young man agreed to repair it but to tell him exactly what was wrong with the cell phone, after that he asked him to leave it for him to check it.

In fact, the young man realized that the cell phone was in perfect condition so he decided to call one of his sons and took the opportunity to tell them the story.

Apparently the idea worked because days later the woman returned with her son, who accompanied her on his cell phone. Excusing himself, he assured that the calls were not coming through.

The video has more than 2 million views and thousands of comments from Internet users advising not to leave or neglect the daddies of legal age. Although some say that it was all assembled, it teaches us a great lesson.

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