She suffers burns on her body and today she is a beauty influencer

As a teenager, Aleema Ali suffered a terrible kitchen accident when she was 12 years old, which caused serious burns all over her body. Today, at the age of 18, the girl from the United Kingdom has become trend of social networks What TikTok for giving beauty advice, while revealing her stunning history to all his followers.

The young woman caught fire in an accident in her kitchen after applying a flammable treatment for lice in her hair. The consequence of this was that she fell into a coma for 5 weeksthe doctors feared that he would not resist, but he managed to get ahead.

But what happened? A Caters narrated that he had realized that he had lice on his head, he applied the shampoo Full Marks Solution and he left it on his head, he went to the kitchen where his mother was cooking dinner, he got closer than he should to the stove, what followed was that he turned into a human fireball.

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His stay lasted 9 months in the hospital, her appearance radically changed to how it was before, which was an extremely painful process in every way for her. Remembering this moment, she said: “The only thing I was thinking was, ‘I’m going to die’ How can someone get out after such a big accident?

But, he did it, more with serious injuries and with a new aspect conditioned by the work that the fire did in his body; for example, the burns on her face broke her self-confidence, until she ran into the beauty tutorials, tips Y tricks cosmetics that greatly helped her self-esteem.

Noticing this, he launched into a new adventure, opening his own channel of TikTok and great was her surprise when her followers began to increase, with hundreds of videos going viral for her reviews of beauty products, cosmetics, etc.

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Their fans they number in the thousands and many of them make requests that the survivor takes pains to fulfill: “Please do a hair tutorial, do a proper hair tutorial, because your hair is a real target”.

But, he has also given good news to his followers, as he revealed that he will soon undergo a surgery to have your tracheostomy removeda fact that makes her feel very good.

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