"She slapped everyone" : this candidate of the "star Academy" tipped to go straight to the final

This Tuesday, November 15, the six remaining students at Star Academy will, for the last time, pass in front of the teaching staff for what constitutes the last evaluations of this new season. At the end of this last performance, only one will be able to directly access the final, depending on the teachers’ decisions. The other five will be named and put to a public vote, which will be able to save three participants.

With her good performance during the last prime time, Anisha is clearly one of the favorites to be the first qualifier. But the young woman has a lot to do if she wants to surpass Enola, regularly at the top of the rankings and never named to date. According to the first images broadcast on TF1 Play, it should also be played out between these two. Even if for some, the game is folded. “Enola, first finalist, remember, her assessment was incredible, she slapped everyone.“, tweeted a netizen. A questionable point of view according to others who advocate for Anisha’s cause. “Anisha deserves the final”, “Anisha has surpassed Enola.”, “For me it’s anisha who deserves the“.

An Enola / Anisha duel refereed by Louis?

If the two young students therefore seem to be holding the rope for the moment, a third student would also have pulled out of the game. Indeed, according to the first returns, Louis would also have performed a performance that could allow him to claim instead. directly qualified for the final. “It’s to be played between Enola and maybe Louis….. Anisha I don’t think….”, “Anisha was better in improv, louis more moving”, “I HOPE but Anisha and Louis were also very good.,” some viewers noted.


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