She organizes a romantic vacation with her husband but he also secretly brings his mother-in-law. Her wife gets mad and she dumps them at the airport

She had decided to spend two weeks on vacation with her husband. dit was supposed to be an elopement, a period of total relaxation. But the surprise arrived at the airport: his mother-in-law, his mother, was already there, ready to leave with them. Ticket in hand. She never saw us again. She left, leaving her husband and intrusive mother on the spot. Consequence: the marriage is wrecked and it will be difficult to put the pieces back together. The peculiarity of this story (it almost seems like a real-life re-enactment of “My monster mother-in-law” with Jane Fonda”) is that it was told about Reddit, the social network particularly widespread in the United States. And it has become a catchphrase, almost a soap opera. With interventions, comments, advice and continuous updates by the author. All starting from the first, very long post by RoadIsland123, who is 27 years old.

The introduction. There was never good blood between the two women. The author explains it: “From day one he has been trying to make observations and compete with me. Then he changed his tactics: he started praising everything I do excessively and sometimes even copying me. An example? “She once dyed her hair purple just like mine and when everyone pointed out how ridiculous she was, she blamed me and accused me of making fun of her.” Second step. It was her wife who spared her to be able to enjoy the holiday with her husband. Only the purchase of airline tickets was delegated to him. The nosy mother-in-law insisted: “My husband’s mom wanted to come and threw a tantrum when I said no. She called, sent a text, sent people to convince me to let her come, even threatened to call the police and make some complaints to make us stay at home if she couldn’t come. He pretended to sketch, but when we arrived at the airport: surprise! “My husband led me into the waiting room and the first thing I saw was his mother standing with her bags”. The furious wife turns on her heel and goes home. “An hour later he is came home screaming and enraged at how pathetic and spiteful I was to ruin the trip at the last minute”. She wonders, and asks on social media: “Did I really exaggerate?”. Even her family members think so: “They tell me that at that point I should have done my best to have fun, without ruining everything”.

Most of the comments are sympathetic to the woman: “Whatever she wanted to do, wherever she wanted to go, wherever she wanted to eat you would have been the spare tire of her vacation”. Another writes, “You actually helped him and his mom have the romantic getaway they really wanted, for themselves.” There are those who reproach her: “NYou shouldn’t have married a man who is married to his mother”. There is also one latest update. What has happened since then? The author of the post continues: “I told my husband that I needed space and that I would stay with my sister for a while. He didn’t take it well, he got up from the sofa and opened the door telling me to leave immediately. I imagined years and years lived like this and I said no: I can’t take it, I can’t take it anymore. For him his mother can’t be wrong, it’s always me aggressive, crazy, jealous, pathetic, exaggerated ”. There is no happy ending: “Right now I’m staying with my sister and I’ve also brought my dog ​​with me. I’m not angry with him and I don’t expect him to change, but at least now I’m being given the chance to decide what’s best for me and my future, even separation and divorce.”

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